You need to take care of your mental health,just as much as your physical health…

Hello my lovelies,

I have had quite an eventful day today!

First off my Labret piercing was stuck inside my lip, the actual ball!! But luckily got it sorted back at the piercing shop and they put a longer bar in for me so it doesn’t happen again! 

I think this event triggered my anxiety off for the day where I was so panicky about how I was going to get the jewlerry out of my lip!! My anxiety made me think that I would maybe need surgery! – Silly brain always thinks of the WORST!! Anyway, so, I have been extremely anxious today and decided I wouldn’t have been able to cope with going into work and wasn’t feeling at all right on my feet either. I have phoned up my doctors surgery for an emergency appointment but they could not give me one even when I am in desperate need of one to sort out anxiety medication!

When you have a mental disorder there’s nothing to show for it…no cough, no cold, no high fever… just muscle aches and pains, negative thoughts, rapidheartbeat, light headedness and shallow breathing. It’s all happening inside us and no one understands that this is REAL. Mental illness is REAL. Our mental illness is just as valid as a physical illness! 

I am struggling today, really struggling and you know what? That is perfectly okay to admit! We are all human and we are all going to have our ‘bad days.’ I just don’t want to be looked down on for being ‘lazy’ or ‘over-reacting’ because those statements are not true in the slightest.

Your friends and family may tell you that they ‘get it.’ They get your anxiety? They get your depression? Well my question is… how!? How do you know what I’m feeling? How do you know the intensity of my physical symptoms? Things affect people in different ways so even if you have suffered from a mental illness before, it doesn’t mean it’s impacted on me the same way as it did you!

Sorry for my little rant but perhaps some of you can relate to this blog post.

I am always here for each and every one of my fellow readers.
Anyway I have 2 twelve hour shifts coming up at work this weekend so I am going to sign off and go and watch a movie and let myself have a well-needed rest.

Sending lots of love to you all!

Jasmine x x x

Welcome! 💖

Hello lovelies,

My name is Jasmine but I prefer to be called Jas! 👌

Life is a roller-coaster- think we can all relate to that!💯

I have started this blog up really for my own benefit but also to help others out there who are struggling too! I have a diagnosed anxiety disorder (GAD,social, panic and Health), as well as Clinical depression. I want to talk openly about my illnesses to help others and hopefully help them to not feel so alone! It’s a very dark scary place to be, being at war with yourself every second of every day.

I hope that I am successful with this blog and knowing I have helped even just one person would mean the world to me! ♥

Bye for now

Jas xxx